3 Weird Roadside Attractions

When you think of strange roadside attractions, you probably don’t think of America’s heartland. However, Indiana remains one of the most brilliantly shocking meccas of strange attractions, easily measuring up with any other state in the Union. If you’re planning a trip to Indiana or you’re just passing through, don’t miss out on these excellent roadside attractions that add another chapter to your road trip.

John Dillinger’s Grave
Gangster movies set in the Prohibition Era often glorify the lives of the gangsters that made their living and notorious reputation from profiting off illegal liquor distribution or robbing banks to earn a living. However, only a few of these mobsters truly embodied the entire spirit of the era, maintaining the same type of infamy back then as they enjoy today. One of those famed criminals was John Dillinger. Known for his Robin Hood-style antics of only stealing from the rich and never harming innocents, Dillinger was one of the most feared and ruthless gangsters of the day. However, he didn’t live to see the his later years, falling victim to a shootout with police in Chicago.

After his death, his family had his body shipped back to Indianapolis with his final resting place is in Crown Cemetery. Today, you can visit the grave which supposedly has up to four concrete slabs underground, keeping grave robbers away and furthering conspiracy theories that he may have faked his own death.

World’s Largest Ball of Paint
If you’ve ever seen “Vacation,” Chevy Chase’s character seems to obsess over seeing the most bizarre attractions of the family’s road trip to southern California. In the spirit of this film, you simply have to head to Alexandria, Indiana, to paint the next layer of the world’s largest ball of paint. With over 25,000 coats of paint, this bizarre attraction has garnered attention from people from all over the world including local, regional, and national celebrities. Don’t miss your chance to become part of something spectacular.

French Lick
Alright, so French Lick isn’t a roadside attraction per se, but this southern Indiana town has plenty to offer in the way of oddities. The biggest attraction here is the monstrous statue of Larry Bird, the town’s beloved son and one of the best basketball players ever to grace the court.

If you aren’t into basketball that much, don’t fear. There’s something perhaps even more spectacular in the French Lick-West Baden Museum. Here you’ll find an 1,100 square foot replica of a circus coming to town, complete with three separate scenes. In total there are over 6,000 figurines carved by hand, and even if you aren’t into this type of thing, you can at least appreciate the 40 years it took to complete the project.

No matter where you decide to go in Indiana, you’re in for a trip that’s bound to make a lasting impression. Make sure charge up the camera and get ready to head off the beaten path. Indiana has more than its fair share of outlandish hot spots to keep you busy.

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