4 Road Trip Tips

With over 4 million miles of roads stretching across our fair nation, there’s no shortage of interesting routes and destinations for the great American road trip. Even if you wanted to cross international borders, you only need a passport and a sense of adventure to keep going. If you’re planning your first road trip or you’ve had some time off between now and then, here are a few tips to make sure that your trip is a success.

Pick Up a Map
GPS and navigation systems have forever changed the American road trip, but unless you’re on a tight schedule, leave them behind. There’s something about looking at a map, taking a new route, or having a real human voice tell you whether to turn left, right, or straight. Plus, you’ll find it surprising what you might find. At the very least, you can test your navigational skills to see if you’re a true Magellan.

Get Routine Maintenance
There’s nothing that spoils a road trip more than your car breaking down. It not only puts a damper on the entire trip, but it also costs you days of exploration or vacation that you can’t get back all that easily. To avoid delays and headaches, make sure to take your vehicle to the mechanic before a road trip. Not only will an oil change make your car run better, but it will also enable the mechanic to catch any problems before they become a true nuisance. Plus, there’s nothing better than true peace of mind when you’re 500 miles away from your home.

Be Adventurous
There’s no bigger cardinal sin on a road trip than losing a sense of adventure. Sure, there’s an accomplishment when you reach your destination and return home, but the entire ideal of a road trip is lost without the adventure in the middle. The people you meet and bizarre things you see along the way are equally as vital to the story as any game, concert, or other event you’re venturing out to see. However, you can’t do either of these things without getting off the beaten path. Ask locals where the best places to go are, and never be afraid to chat with anyone. Most of the time, you’ll find that this becomes one of the most enjoyable aspects of the trip.

In the Car
Arriving at your destination is the ultimate goal of a road trip, but don’t forget about the time you’ll spend in the car. Most road trips involve spending a disproportionate amount of time in the car, so you want to make sure that you’re entertained for the duration of the trip. Packing a cooler full of delicious snacks and drinks is the first step to making the trip a success, followed by an excellent playlist. Whether it’s pop, rock, country, or a nostalgic mix of your favorite high school tunes, it makes the trip all that much better.

Don’t let a lack of preparation mess up your plans for the perfect road trip. Instead, follow these tips and you’re guaranteed an experience that lasts a lifetime.

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